2K Faces Backlash After Brock Lesnar Removed From WWE 2K24

by | Mar 30, 2024 | HEX NOW | 1 comment

WWE and 2K have recently launched the latest edition of their WWE 2K video game series, WWE 2K24, to considerable acclaim. The game has achieved the second-highest rating among WWE games on Metacritic, garnering numerous positive reviews on social media. However, fans quickly noted the absence of a few prominent figures.

Following the resignation of former WWE CEO Vince McMahon and the departure of Brock Lesnar from the company, 2K faced challenges including them in the game. Although Lesnar is featured in two 2K Showcase matches from WrestleMania 30 and WrestleMania 31, players noted that he is not an unlockable character. Similarly, Vince McMahon, who appeared in the WrestleMania 17 match against The Rock and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, is also unavailable upon completion.

This exclusion has left many fans disappointed, given the significant impact both figures have had on the company. Nonetheless, members of the WWE community have discovered a workaround. Lesnar’s models from 2014 and 2015 were located in the game files and have since been uploaded to Community Creations, 2K’s platform that allows fans to share their content. Popular WWE 2K creator WhatsTheStatus, who uploads these ‘hidden models’ said that they cannot upload Lesnar’s showcase model despite high demand from the WWE universe.

As of now, WWE or 2K has not removed these uploads, despite previous instances where individuals faced repercussions for uploading ‘hidden’ models. This has not been the case for Vince McMahon, as there has been no discovery of his model within the game files. Time will tell if 2K decides to act on this situation.

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